New York, NY—Italian actress, model and singer, Eleonora Pieroni is excited to announce the release of her debut single “Volare” earlier this month via Tazmania Records on iTunes. 


“Volare,” which is the cover of a traditional Italian song “Volare – Nel blu dipinto di blu” by Domenico Modugno, is a timeless, romantic song from the past about a man who looks into the blue eyes of his lover and flies (‘volare’) into the deep blue sky. 


“When I was a child, I loved to listen to this song, especially with my mother.  Every year we watched ‘Sanremo,’ a festival of Italian songs, so I grew up with this music,” says Pieroni of the original. “Today, I’m living my dream in New York City, and full of positive energy.  Just like the song, I feel like I am flying in a deep blue sky”.


As an actress primarily, Pieroni started singing just for fun and discovered that she truly loved music and to see people dancing and having fun with her song.  Already, the single has been played by top DJs in clubs around the world, including The Domenico Vacca Club on Fifth Avenue in New York, the Beautique Club in New York, The Setai Hotel in Miami, as well as clubs in Ibiza, Mykonos, and San Tropez in Europe, and Porto Cervo in Sardegna, Tuscany, Sicily and Capri in her home country. 


Next, Pieroni is working on a full-length album, expected to debut in 2017.  She is also writing a regular column called “An Italian Girl in New York” for TGRegione.com, a book called “How Italians Do It Better” about “La dolce vita”, the Italian fashion, culture and lifestyle, and she will be the leading actress in a comedy that is set to start shooting in September, to be released in theaters January, 2017. 


“Volare” can be purchased on iTunes, and listened to on Soundcloud.com and Beatport.com, with a music video coming soon.  For more information, contact info@AMP3pr.com


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